28 février 2009

Cute ou sexy ? Les deux pardi !

You Are Cute-Sexy!

You are definitely attractive, and you have an interesting mix of sexiness and cuteness.

You are both hot and quirky. Gorgeous and silly. Charming and natural.

You are not so in-your-face sexy that you're unapproachable. You tone things down a bit.

More than anything else, you are real and genuine. And that makes you truly captivating.

3 commentaires:

Mlle B. a dit...

Et devine mon résultat.... ???

SexySoda a dit...

Laisses-moi deviner .. The same ? :D mouhahahaha !

Mlle B. a dit...

Héhéhé ben oui!!! Pas pour rien qu'on est comme des soeurs :)